UPRtek (United Power Research Technology Corporation), an affiliate of the Phison Group, was formed in 2010 to address changing demands in the technology sectors. United in the Power of elite Research Technology, the UPRtek mission is to make available previously inaccessible, exclusive science and technology to a broader market by applying them for practical use for everyday businesses as well as for individual consumers in the photographic, video, architectural, horticultural and a wide range of specific-use markets.

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UPRtek CV600

CV600 Spectral Colour Meter

Product Code: UPRT001

UPRtek has launched the CV600 Spectral Colour Meter – a professional device that measures colour, light and exposure and has appointed XP Distribution as its exclusive distributor to the European photo and video market. The CV600 is ideal for filmmakers, videographers and photographers that value colour accuracy and lighting consistency.

The handheld colour meter can save creative professionals time and money by enabling them to shoot more efficiently under controlled conditions. Light readings and set-up information can be saved to a removable SD card, allowing users to build an external library of light readings and settings for future shoots.

The compact, easy-to-use device has a wide range of metering modes that allow users to take the guess work out of lighting, which will drastically reduce set-up time. The spectrometer is perfect for creative professionals that require accurate lighting in studios and on location.

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