Whether firing a remote camera, using TTL flash for a wedding or portrait or working in a commercial studio with studio power packs and heads. PocketWizard’s wireless triggering systems make it possible.

PocketWizard radio systems enable untethered triggering between all components of a photographic system, no matter how simple or complex the remote triggering needs. With features such as E-TTL II for Canon & CLS / i-TTL for Nikon, PocketWizard have a reliable solution for off-camera TTL flash or remote camera operation allowing triggering up to 500m.

PocketWizard key benefits

  • Position lighting wherever needed
  • Reliable triggering
  • Trigger cameras without limitations
  • Triggers multiple cameras and lights simultaneously
  • Eliminates unreliable and inconvenient cords

Control Tl Radios (Control the Light)

These radio triggers and transceivers allow features such as TTL compatibility, power control in manual mode or TTL, high-speed sync and HyperSync, allowing shutter speeds up to 1/8000th sec.

PocketWizard FlexTT6-Canon

The FlexTT6 for Canon is the latest of PocketWizard’s flagship TTL radios, with new under-the-hood technology.

Flex TT5 Canon, Nikon and Panasonic

Place TTL or manual flashes anywhere to illuminate the scene; around corners, out of sight and in bright sunlight.

Mini TT1 Canon and Nikon

With its low-profile design, you can use the MiniTT1 Transmitter on camera to trigger remote i-TTL / CLS speedlights or studio flashes attached to FlexTT5 Transceivers.

AC-3 Zone Controller

The AC3 ZoneController is the gem of the ControlTL product line. Add it to your on-camera MiniTT1 Transmitter or FlexTT5/TT6 Transceiver and you instantly have three zones of flash control.

Standard Channel Radios

Standard channel radios trigger remote flashes or cameras, and are compatible with all PocketWizard devices. You can trigger a flash or camera up to 500m away, they work with camera X-sync, and all standard channel radios come with a simple user interface for ease of use.

MultiMax II Transceiver

The most advanced wireless triggering system available, with 32 standard channels and four separately controllable zones.

Plus III Transceiver

The Plus lll Transceiver is the most reliable, feature packed, easy-to-use solution for remote flash and camera triggering.

Plus IV Transceiver

The Plus IV Auto-Sensing Transceiver allows photographers the benefit of on-camera TTL flash combined with remote manual flash.

Plus X Transceiver

The PlusX is the simplest PocketWizard radio ever and the perfect entry into the PocketWizard Wireless System.

For a full list of all the products available, please contact us.

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