Account Management Team

As an international business servicing Europe, Middle East and Africa, XP Distribution has an experienced and multi-lingual account management team in place to support your business in your local language.

Selected for their commercial acumen, technical knowledge and experience along with their respective language skills, each member of the team has a true passion for the business. Each Account Manager will work directly with you to review your current business performance and then look to identify ways to mutually drive incremental business.

The Account Manager will also involve other members of the XP Distribution team, such as Marketing or Logistics, as and when necessary to ensure that you benefit from the full range of services available.

Technical Support

Ensuring that your customers have the best experience when using a product is paramount and having access to a professional technical service is essential. The specialist team at XP Distribution take over the burden of managing the technical enquiries on your behalf and they are also happy to assist your staff with technical enquiries where necessary.

The technical specialists at XP Distribution are highly trained in dealing with enquiries at all levels and have the experience to be able to explain the solution in a way that is simple and straightforward to understand.

As the team is multi-lingual the customer receives a comprehensive response to their technical enquiry in their local language which is important particularly if the answer is complex.


With our own in-house Marketing team, we have the skills and experience to be able to offer your business a broad range of options to support specific vendors both in-store or on-line. With such a broad range of vendors, the team are able to support you in a number of different ways:

  • Creative promotional bundles
  • In-store Point of Sale (POS)
  • Digital collateral such as product images and web banners
  • Blog, newsletter and product text
  • Bespoke marketing programmes

By working creatively with our vendor partners, the marketing team develop marketing campaigns which not only support the vendor’s brand presence but ultimately drive end-users directly to your business.


As part of our ongoing commitment to your business, we also offer a range of training options to either support in-store staff, the sales team or directly to end-users. The training can be tailored to a specific topic or a product and can be managed in person or by webinar depending on the requirements. The XP Distribution team also has relationships with many of the vendors’ local evangelists and so can arrange for a specialist to support a training session or event.


At XP Distribution we understand that having a distribution partner that is able to offer you a reliable delivery service to wherever your business is located is imperative. XP Distribution has three distribution hubs in Europe which are strategically located to service the majority of Europe within 48 hours. As these hubs are owned by the business, rather than a 3rd party logistics, the team offers a personal level of service and takes pride in ensuring that your products are delivered on time. With an experience logistic team in each location, we can offer you the confidence that we can service your logistic requirements effectively and efficiently.

Colour Management Consultancy Services

Colour management is a core competency within the business and the consultancy team have extensive experience in working with some of the largest and most diverse organisations in the world, providing them with consultancy, training and product support for a wide variety of colour management applications and projects.

Selling consultancy services is also a further opportunity for you to support your clients, offering one of the most experienced teams to manage their colour management needs and profiting from any additional hardware, software or consumables that they may need as a result of our services.